Shoe size chart

Grade school sizes start 4-7y women sizing starts 5.5w-9w men starts 8m-13m

To convert a Grade school size 4-7y you need to go up a size and a half. For example if you are a size 7y in grade school and want to know what size that is in womens you would go up a size and a half which is an 8.5 women. if you want to go from women to grade school you do the same thing but going down instead of up.

To convert men to women you go a size and a half up. for example a men size 10 is a women's size 11.5w

on this chart the "men" size 4-7 is technically 4-7y. For anymore questions on what size you may need you can always contact us at or on instagram @soleshockeyllc for a quick reply.

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